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We are a federally licensed firearms dealer
Pricing $25.00 per Transfer
If you plan to purchase a firearm through an online auction site or dealer located in another state you will need an FFL transfer. The firearm to be transferred must be legal to own here in Texas! If you are not sure please check state laws before bidding or making a purchase. You must have a valid LTC
 We do not do transfers for non-residents of TEXAS or Non-US citizens. Our policy requires that you must be A TEXAS resident and a United States citizen for us to do a transfer.
Please review the following Terms & Conditions before having any firearm shipped to us:
2) You Purchase the Firearm
3) Provide us with where the firearm IS being PURCHASED from to properly log it into OUR records  By emailing us the order info including the description of the firearm BEING RECEIVED  and the email address we will need to send our FFL to and your contact information - Name, address, e-mail, phone number.
4)  we will send our signed FFL to the seller if they do not already have it on record
5)  the seller ships the firearm to us
(you can check the tracking number provided by the seller)
6)  you will be contacted by us when the firearm is ready to be picked up 
We need time to log it into our books

NOTE: HAVING a Texas LTC will bypass the NICS requirement, HOWEVER, the purchaser must still complete an ATF Form 4473 to take the firearm.

Peace of Mind Transfer

Peace of Mind Transfer. You can conduct a private sale while involving an FFL with the firearm being signed onto the books of the FFL. A background check will be completed on the buyer of the firearms. At our shop, we call this a “Peace of Mind Transfer” to reassure the buyer that the gun isn’t stolen and to let the seller know that they aren’t selling the gun to a felon.

If you plan to sell a firearm you own to another person you have the option to do an FFL transfer. The firearm to be transferred must be legal to own here in Texas! If you are not sure please check state laws before selling your firearm. You are not required to be a Texas resident for us to transfer a firearm to a texas resident. You must be a US citizen. You must have a valid driver's license or state id with your current physical address. or an LTC permit (not expired). We do not offer transfers for non-residents of Texas or Non-US citizens so make sure the person that is buying the gun is a texas resident and US citizen.

How the process works: Make arrangements with the buyer of the firearm. Tell them you want to meet them here. Make sure both of you have the proper identification and proof of address with you. You should make a bill of sale prior to coming to the shop. When you arrive I will log the firearm into my book. I will have the buyer fill out a 4473 and process the background check. Once the background check is complete and as long as the buyer passes the background check you may complete the sale and the firearm will be logged out of our book to the new owner.
call to schedule an appointment.
PLEASE BE ADVISED YOU COULD BE DELAYED and not be able to pick your firearm up the same day. Some customers get delayed when it is their first firearm purchase, some are delayed randomly, and some get delayed every time, and many never get delayed. The results are the same whether the background check is called in or done online. 

See this page for more info about being delayed or want more info or
If you are denied - https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/nics/national-instant-criminal-background-check-system-nics-appeals-vaf

We use the Brady Transfer Date for delayed background check with no response.


  • FFL (Federal Firearms License) -  provides legal authorization for a dealer to engage in the intrastate & interstate sale of modern firearms.

  • NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) - a regulatory division of the FBI that verifies legal eligibility for firearms purchases.

  • LTC (Licensed to Carry a Handgun) formerly known as a CHL (Concealed Handgun License)

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